Adding Subtotals

I have this automation that outputs the sums, headers, and data from another report sheet which I provided down below. Screenshot 1 is what outputs after you run this automation and Screenshot 2 is what I want to look like. How would I make subtotals (in bold under the Total) like in Screenshot 2 in my code that I provided. The Subtotals are dependent on the date (weeks) as shown in Screenshot 2

Main - Copy.xaml (37.8 KB)
CurrentYearConcurYTD - Copy.xlsx (67.4 KB)

My Output

What I want the subtotals to look like

For the february and march subtotals click on the excel worksheet i provided

Hi @Pranav_KomandurPK

For formulas only in sub-totals and grand totals, you can use

  1. Type Into activity “[k(alt)]hfds” for Excel Goto Special, select Formulas. After the formulas are highlighted
  2. Click activity on Formulas
  3. Click activity on OK
  4. Click activity on Bold.

Sample output