How to Add Subtotals

Hi, I have this automation that outputs the sums, headers, and data from another report sheet which I provided down below. Screenshot 1 is what outputs after you run this automation and Screenshot 2 is what I want to look like. How would I make subtotals (in bold under the Total) like in Screenshot 2 in my code that I provided.

Main - Copy.xaml (37.8 KB)

CurrentYearConcurYTD - Copy.xlsx (67.4 KB)

My Output

The subtotal output I want it to look like

Hi @Pranav_KomandurPK
to make required one as bold, use Balareva activities for that.

Regarding subtotals, how u are calculating that ?

I am getting the data from the Concur Data sheet in my Excel Worksheet, I provided that above the screenshots.

And depending on the Name and Report ID I add those amounts, as shown in the Screenshots

Is there anything specific you want me to explain if you are still confused?

still i am confused regarding the calculation of subtotals?

like as per the output subtotal is also shown

So like if you run my automation it opens 3 new sheets with the january, february, and march data. I want my subtotals to match the pivot tables that I provided in the excel worksheet. So like in the screenshot March adds February 2021 Expenses and February Expenses(02/02/2021) to add to 2,200 etc. I want to follow those pivot tables and what they add onto my output.

Hi, just to add on if you notice on the second screenshot the subtotals are according to the date