Adding queue item

Hi all,

How to add queue item after extracting the table values from the browser and retrieve the same from Robot in the *Performe to process the transaction details by comparing the values.

Dispatcher - For each row in the datatable, Add a queue item containing the Invoice Number , Vendor Tax ID and Invoice Item .

in the performer search the invoice and we need to compare vendor tax id and invoice item - number.

Any one suggest ?


Hi @Bala_Murugan_Kothand

I guess you are doing the advanced training here right?
If you follow the walk through, it will be much more clearer for you on how to do this…

however, how you have to add the items to the queue is, if you are using the REFramework, use the transactionitem to get each item to the process state so there, you can place the add queue item activity to add the item to the queue

next, in the performer, you can use the Get transaction item through the REFramework Get Transaction Data xaml file to get each item from the queue