REframework datatables to queues question

I have REFramework using data tables.
I need to enhance it by adding the read datatable into an Orchestrator queue.
And I need to getTransaction from the queue instead of the datatable and process transaction.

Can you please help with the changes?
Thank you,

Hi @A_Learner ,

In the dispatcher module , process.xaml use an add queue item activity.

Pass the values(column) you want to add into the queue as arguments to process.xaml along with the queuename.

Using the values configure add queue item activity.
To add items one by one,

Or another alternative would be Bulk add queue items, you can configure that as well for this use case.

If you want to add items in bulk method,

Go through the documentation of both activities. According to your need you can choose either.


Thank you. Especially any changes to the transaction item type which is causing errors for me.

Thank you,

If possible could you share the exact messages or snaps of the exception you are facing. @A_Learner .


Ideally if you are adding to queue then no change in transactionitem it would be queueitem only

And also if you are adding directly then can use bulk add queue item activity