Adding Items to a Queue

here I am trying to add invoice data to each created queue item in the ItemInformation in property pane,
but it is not taking the row in the value field to specify the invoice number.

Should work given that your variable is correct. Is row part of that scope and is it declared correctly?
Can you tell what is the error its giving you?


If this is for assignment 2 Dispatcher or in any case you must have a Row . Have you scrapped the DataTable? You cannot use Row it should be a row of a datatable. For just understanding here is the example of Assignment 2 Dispatcher it should be like this



No, here im trying to get the invoicedata from the acme website and add it to the queues in the dispatcher.
in the performer I have to get the data from the queues and enter the invoice number and the extract the displayed single invoicedata and the I should compare the data extracted now with the data in the queue…if the data matches the transactionitem in the queue should be successful.

Hey @varma, show us what you are doing in your sequence. (You wont be able to share your code as you just joined.)

As @PrankurJoshi its a process that takes place when you extarct and then want to push your data into the queue.

Can you explain how you are trying to extract you data and what is row here?

can i get your mail id , so that i can attach you the workflow??

You can explain your process in brief? :slight_smile:
Or just add screenshot of the process above.

Since you are using the TransactionID field then you dont need to loop and process as invoice number you are getting.
Simply correct like below:

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I got the solution,
thank you

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