Adding private mail addresses to UiPath Portal Partner


I am encountering an issue that I am sure all the RPA Developer/BA that have a parnership with UiPath face.
When we get in a company that has a partnership with UiPath, UiPath asks us to create an account in UiPath Partner Portal, specifying that we need to use only one professional mail address.
And to synchronize our achievements from UiPath Academy + having supplementary courses in Academy (Pre-sales, sales, etc) we need to provide our private mail address used in UiPath Academy for the support. The Academy account with private mail address then will be deleted by the support and a professional account will be created on the Academy by the support. Thus all the accounts linked with the private mail address in Academy account will not be anymore synchronized and lost with the other products (Marketplace, Forum, etc).

At the end we lose our data and each time we change company we lose more of our work for the community.

The best would be to have the possibilities to:

  • add more mail addresses in UiPath Partner Portal (= private mail address used for Academy + professional one)
  • have the access to specific Parner courses (pre-sales, sales) without needing to delete our private account for the sake of the professional one
  • merge two accounts in Academy (private and professional) if needed

Hi @Hiba_B,
I have got some response from the team.

The private Academy accounts are only deleted if the user is requesting a merge of his private Academy account with his Partner Portal accounts (which can be created by using the company corporate email address).

Users can keep their private accounts from Academy and use their corporate email address in order to register in Partner Portal where they can complete the required Partner courses.
It’s not about introducing multiple email addresses in Partner Portal, it’s about completing the correct courses for Partner Program competencies and these courses can only be found in Partner Portal since are only intended for Partners. We can’t allow for private mails to be registered in Partner Portal and all users need to use only their work email domain since Partner Portal is for Partners, not for private users.

  • Academy and Partner Portal are separate and as explained above one is the public Academy and one is Partners Academy where they can only register using their corporate email address.
  • Courses can be accessed by registering with a corporate email address in Partner Portal. A private account is only deleted if a merge was requested so users can have their progress migrated to their Partner users so they don’t have to take again some modules they have already completed as part of other courses in Academy. This is up to users choice if they want to request the merge or take the courses in Partner Portal from 0 including maybe completed some modules they have already completed on their private accounts.
  • This is how it’s working, we are not asking the partner to merge their accounts, it’s only a recommendation in case they don’t want to retake some modules as explained above.

Anyway, your feedback is very valuable and our team will consider some changes in future updates.

Hi @Pablito
Thank you for your answer.

  • if I complete a UiPath Partner Portal course, what do I do when I change the company ? Start again the Partner Portal course because it’s a different company ? And once I change company would I have the access to the completed partner courses done beforehand ?
  • so if I want to see my achievements in total, I have to log to 2 different applications ? It’s better to find them centralized somewhere
  • from my understanding to have bronze/silver/gold partnership, we have to complete the courses in Partner Portal. And some of these courses are like X% from Academy courses.
    → In my opinion it does not look like a real choice for a user to chose if they want the Partner courses to be filled up with their UiPath Academy achievements or not, knowing that if they do they lose their badges and other data in accounts they invest their time in like forum, academy (and maybe marketplace).
    → We don’t run after double certifications. What we run for is learning more and advancing in skills, so double making the courses is hard to accept as a solution as it takes a precious time.
    → I think it’s really unfortunate that this option is not available today for users to do so. The option to merge the achievements is good but the option to copy only the achievements without deleting an account is better…

When you are changing the company, you can raise a support ticket for credit transfer. If the new company happens to be a partner they can continue through the partner portal. If the new company is not a partner company then they need to use the academy. Credit will also get transferred to the new partner company and will get reflected in the competency accordingly.

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Thank you

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