No access to a UiPath Account nor the mail address

In April I registered to UiPath Academy with my company mail address as I was doing an internship there.
Now that I came back to school, I don’t remember anymore the password I used to login at the UiPath Academy and as I am not a member of the company anymore I don’t also have access to the mail box.
I created this account temporarily having hope to find a solution.
My old account name was HibaBee and I had the RPA Advanced Developer Licence. I asked for help from the UiPath support but I did not get any reply since almost two months.
This was one of my old posts with my original account: Validating RPA Advanced Training 2nd project to submit

Is there a way to have the access to my orginal account again ?

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Hi @Pablito Can you please assist @Hiba_B

Karthik Byggari


Welcome to our UiPath Community.

I guess the mail id you used here is got expired as you left from the company. Now you can’t authenicate that account using that mail id.

You have to create new account with new Email id and freshly start it again. I guess you don’t have any other alternative solution.


Hello @Hiba_B

Hey Lucky - I think there is a way to get the password changed… Because remember, months back I wanted to change my UiPath accounts from official mail ID to personal ID. I was able to do it with the help of our UiPath staff. This should be possible so that Hiba_B will not lose track of her past progress…

Our friends @loginerror & @Pablito are the one’s who guided me on this when I was trying to do it… So They should be able to do some of their magic to get it back… :slight_smile:



Oh ok but here @Hiba_B is not authorised to use that email id. So i thought it’s not possible.

Forum and Academy email address can be changed without much issue… The biggest challenge is the Connect platform… However, I’m not sure how it works as now these are working as one sign in option… But I’m sure they have a way of doing it… let’s see…


That’s great, then I will wait for an answer from the two people you tagged earlier.
Thank you for the time taken to treat my answer !


Hi @Hiba_B,
I think you should contact at first here:

I’m pretty sure they will be able to help you :wink:


thank you for this answer.
I will send them again a mail, but as I said in my initial post, I sent them a message through that canal and they have never replied.
Is there an other way to get in touch with them ?

Please just let me know if still nobody will reply.