Adding pdf files into a Queue in Orchestrator

Hi . iam having some pdf files in my local directory, i need to add those pdf files into a queue in orchestrator and they must be used as a transaction to process. Is it possible please help on solution …Thanks


Could some one post the xaml file with respect to this question. And could you please confirm on this “we can only pass the file path either eml file or the attachment filepath to queue and not the eml or attachment itself”

Everyone here volunteers their time to help the community, I would suggest showing the work/attempts you have done before asking someone else to create the work for you so that they know where you might be having challenges.

Queue Item Variable contains SpecificContent which is a Dictionary(Of String, Object). I’m not aware of a way where you can just attach a file as a blob and fetch it later. You could probably break the file down to its bytes and encode and store that and when needed rebuild the file to disk, but I imagine that would become cumbersome and you’ll probably run into a size limits.

I would suggest storing the reference to the file in question in the Queue Item and storing the actual file in another medium. With 2020 you have Storage Buckets built into Orchestrator if you want a native way access the file. The backend of the Buckets can be Local or Network File System, Azure, AWS, MinIO.