Adding data to build datatable issue

Hi everyone,

I’m facing an issue in updating extracted data from webpage to build datatable activity.
I’m using build datatable to add my headers.
I’m extracting data from LinkedIn. sometimes I may not having some fields and it’s having null. When i try to update this data build datatable. It is writing in wrong columns.

For this data I don’t have salary in LinkedIn. When i try to update that in Excel it’s giving 1 column wrongly. In mentioned picture it’s writing reposted value in SALARY column. How can I fix this.


can you once check whether you are passing all the variables/arguments in the add datarow activity

if the values is null or not you need to pass that variables in the add data row activity,accordingly to the columns names

can you share the image of add data row activity the way you have passed

Hi @Shiva_Nikhil I’m not using add datarow activity here.

I’m extracting data from website and storing in “Extractdatatable” variable.
For this datatable I need to add a new column in starting I’m adding that using add data column activity. After that I’m directly appending that data to my excel.


check whether the data you have extracted is having the same columns are not

if you are having headers just want to add data to appropriate columns means
you can try with merge data table activity

and below that use write range activity

@Shiva_Nikhil ok, let me try that

@Shiva_Nikhil i tried that. It’s not getting the column. While extracting data from web. If the data is not available for that column, it’s skipping that column.

In between Location and Reposted there is another column called salary. It’s missed because there is no salary for those records in website.

@Yoichi , @Anil_G any help on this


Can you try as the following?

First create empty datatable using BuildDataTable (Let’s say dtResult)
Next use MergeDataTable : src is ExtractDataTable, dist is dtResult
Finally use Append range.


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Hi @Yoichi getting below error. Actually I have some more additional columns in my Build datatable and which are not available in extracted datatable. I need to go to another website to fill rest of the columns


Can you check datatype of “JobTitle” in AddDataColumn activity? Probably it should be String type.


Thanks @Yoichi it worked

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