Adding Another Email to CC line


I currently have an email sending that takes a row from a datatable and adds that value to the CC property on the email. I would like to also add another singular recipient by just adding their email as a string. Is this possible?

I have have tried a simple concatenation like: Final.Rows(0)(4).ToString + “email” …but that did not work.

Any ideas? Thanks

was the seperator ; char handled when added the other receipient?

No it wasn’t. How would I do that?

please show us the initial string / value from Final.Rows(0)(4).ToString

It’s an email. I would prefer not to share that information. We could use “” as the value that comes from the datatable for example.

in case of outlook

CC string will be: “;

so the receipients are seperated by a ;

You have to use commas to separate email addresses with the Send SMTP Email activity, for some reason.

was mentioned and requires this format

other types also handle end / closing last receipient different. We should not mix.

In case of @jpreziuso had used another send email type then he will tell us and we will give the particular format as well

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I am using Send Exchange Email which required a “;” as the separator. Thank you for the help

i guess this one also need ; on end (fter last receipient). Just check it out when if fails

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