How to send email to multiple recipients in cc

Hi Guys,

I need to send a email to multiple recipients in cc.
I have email id’s(Busines_ID) in a excel as given below.
I will get a owner name in a variable. whenever the variable name matches with owner column in the given excel, corresponding email id’s i need to pick and split it into new line. so that i can send the email to those id’s in cc.

Here the business id column may be added with different email id also more then 4 could be added. So how can i dynamically get those id’s in CC

Can anyone let me know how to do this?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @vinutha1

Need a clarification ?
Is there Business_ID column always contains 4 email ids or else it varies



it gets vary. 4 is not fixed it can be more then 4 also

Hi @vinutha1 ,

You can do like split the the values of Business_Id column with the new line or check where it splits, then join with semi colon(";") and save this in one variable. Pass this variable in cc.

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This sequence split the emails. (182.4 KB)


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Hi @vinutha1

we can split email ids by using regex

create a string variable append all the output values of regex

pass that appended string variable into cc tab of send outlook mail message activity


@manjula_rajendran ,

Thank you so much …it worked!

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@Robinnavinraj_S Thank you for the help!


Thank you!

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