Solution for list of CC emails

According to the scenario we should be sending email to dynamic users where the email details such as; to , Cc from an excel list . This is been used for the purpose of data modification to be done in a easy way using the excel sheet. There by would like to know the sequence of the steps of the UIPath on how its been generated .

Is the mail recipient mention row by row or
Col by col

If it is mention in col by col
Then it’s very easy

Use a FOR EACH ROW and pass dt as input

Inside the loop

Use a Assign activity like

Str_mailrecipient = String.Join(“;”,dt.Rows(dt.Rows.IndexOf(row)).ItemArray).ToString

This will have mail I’d with ; inbetween
Now str_mailrecipient can be used in Cc or to

Cheers @Tharushika_Nethmini