Add text to pdf file

Hello, i have lot of pdfs with a particular name, i need to copy the file name and paste inside de pdf. First step is created, i alredy have the pdf file name in one variable but i cant paste inside the pdf, i need something like this:

Is possible with free packages ?

Hi @SaPires,

What kind of pdf is this?

Is it native PDF or scanned PDF?


Hello, 90% of time will be native.


Did we try with simple click and type into activity

  1. Open the pdf with start process activity where pass the filepath of pdf as input

  2. Once it is opened use a SEND HOT KEY activity with key as ctrl+f which will open find and replace

  3. In that field use TYPE INTO activity with which type in the value to be replaced

I think UI automation should work in your case being a native pdf

Cheers @SaPires

The problem is that i have pdf in Vertical, others in horizontal,… i need to paste every time in the top right corner.

It’s still fine I guess
Because we are going to search for the alt text or place holder and replace them with the value we want