Adding a similar component and transferring admin configs to another tenant

Here is what we have so far

  • Additional Setup of our hierarchy and applications
  • Submitted COE and user generated automation items in the pipeline
  • Submitted and published a component


  1. My task list is requesting that I identify reusable components but the published component is not appearing in my list
  2. There can be a bit of effort to create the hierarchy, application and other test data to assess the tool, but how do we migrate our configurations to another tenant once it has been done?


  1. Your task displayed in My tasks asks you to identify reusable components that might be fit for the Automation Idea where you were assigned as a Collaborator (probably RPA dev). You must go in that Automation idea, click on the Components tab, Click Add component and search for the component that might suit the need. It is not mandatory to add a component, if not applicable. You can Clear the task, if not Applicable.
  2. I can presume that you what to migrate to another tenant because you want to buy the product and use it. When you decide to buy the product, you can ask for Change plan from Admin Console > Account (if you are the user who created the tenant). During this step you are asked if you want to keep the tenant or start from scratch. If you choose keep tenant, you remain with the configuration, and you can delete the data which is dummy (automations, components). If you start new, you will lose all the content, including the platform setup part.
    I can recommend you build a bot to export the hierarchy / applications (export already exists), and import it into the new tenant. There is no alternative migration solution for now.

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