How to specify a area in pdf and get text

I finally get a adobe pdf reader pro and all the scanned text becomes real words which can be copied and edited now, but i only want to get some information in some specified area, is it possible?


It’s likely possible using Regex if their is a consistent pattern.

Please provide:

  • Sample/s
  • Expected Output (bold in sample helps too)
  • As much information on the ‘Pattern of the text’ as you can tell us

If you do this, you will have an answer fast :smiley:

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I dont think regex is a good idea as the text output for the whole page is messy and may varies based on the scan quality

Oh right - yes OCR methods are not ideal :blush:

so i changed the pdf to editable format and the text can be copied and edited. Just I found seems Uipath cannot specify a area to copy the text from

test.pdf (242.8 KB)

for example, I need to get the company name, address and expired date in this pdf

I can also export the pdf to word file first but seems I still struggle at how to specify the area to copy text

anyone can help?