Add screenshots in Word file

We are developing the BOT to capture screenshot in Putty application & SAP.

The BOT needs perform following tasks:

Step 1 :

Open Putty → Enter hostname->Username-> and type password to login → then enter the file path (CAT command) and screenshot the content of the file showing in the putty session (Needs to capture content of 3 files. repeate same steps for 3 files)

Step 2:

Open SAP and login - > type the file name and capture the content of the file

Above steps (Putty &SAP) needs to be repeated for each systems in SAP ( like HMP, HCP…) (5- 10 SAP systems)

For each system, the bot will take around 5 screenshots and add into single word file.

I am planning to add take screenshot activity for each screenshot activities ( 3 for putty and 1 in SAP and store the screenshot file in 4 different variables)

and Replace the picture using alt text in word file. - This process will repeat for each systems in SAP ( 10 + systems )

Can you suggest the best way to handle this or can i go with below work flow?


Hello @Sathish_Kumar_S

For adding the picture why dont you use the Add Picture activity. You can create the bookamrks in words as a template and use that to add the pictures. Also if the screenshots are adding to a folder, may be you can use Directory.GetFiles(“Folderpath”) to get all the files and add it to excel instead of assigning to variable.

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There will be title for each system in word file and we need to place the screenshot in respective system in word file

Please refer the screenshot of the word file


If the screenshots and the template remain remains the same, then you can keep a static template with bookmarks and the Titles. During execution you can copy that tempalte to your project folder and add the details as per the flow. So the bookmark name you can create as per the title.

I hope it will work.

I would like to replace the bookmark name or text with picture … I have selected “position where to change” as replace… but it is not replacing the bookmark or text in the word file… it just placing the picture above template name or text

Did you created the bookmarks in the word document? If yes you have to sue those names .

yes i have created bookmark … but it is not replacing the bookmark text with picture