Orchestrator database info (Queue Items)

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A few days ago I’ve been got me thinking whether it would be possible to update queue items (transaction items) business/columns information directly through orchestrator database (such as SQL). Even if that’s not a good/best practice, I would need to know, is this possible at least?

I know that currently we can manually update it through orchestrator. However, we can’t carry it out by Studio (only change transaction status, use postpone/deadline, reference and so on…). Does orchestrator database have any sort of table which enables us to get transaction items information and in turn make changes on it?

Additionally and alternatively what about API calls, does UiPath team enabled UPDATE option for the items that have been already added? As I recall it didn’t work out previously.



It can be possible, but you need to understand which tables are updated
As it is related to their SQL schema, and I believe UiPath will not give those details

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