Issue while uploading csv file in UiPath orchestrator community edition 21.4.4

I am getting “bulkAddQueueItemParameters must not be null” error while trying to upload a csv file into Queues. I am trying to do this in community edition version 21.4.4.

Were you able to solve this?

No. I didn’t find solution.

Hi @sakaggar , have u found a solution? Thanks

No. I didn’t even try it again.

I’m having the same issue on a 24 row file, pretty annoying

@adityasarma44 @sakaggar @tranthao240495
The solution is on the documentation Bulk uploading queue items using a CSV file

You probably did it like me, exporting an exisiting queue and modifying the extracted data, then trying to put it back in the orchestrator.
But follow the documentation and you will be able to upload them. Your CSV file should contain only the Reference at a minimum, the rest of the rows with custom name will be added as “Specific Data” for your queueItems.
So create a specific file, don’t edit an export!

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