Add queue item and Get queue item for email (mailmessage)

Has anybody tried automation on adding each email received in inbox to the queue and retrieving them one by one in Get queue item activity?

How to add Mailmessage as argument while retrieving the queue item?

Kindly suggest!

Hi @Mahalakshmi ,

What do you want to add in the queue? Is it the mail name/attachment name/content?

You need to pass it in the iteminformation.

Please elaborate more on the requirement.


Hi @Mahalakshmi ,

in my point of view there is no need to store the mail items in the work queues instead of we could store the details which we are required into Queue items.

But anyway i have never tried just sharing my thought. Could you pls try like below steps and let us know if it works for you. thanks.

  1. Use Get outlook mail message activity and assign your inbox and other properties to get the mails you want to get the information.

  2. Use For each loop assing your mailmessage object from the above step and select type argument so it will help us to retrieve the mail messages


  1. Now use the add queue items activity and in the item information use like below.

in the above screenshot index default value will be zero and for each iteration we have to increase the index so that it will be able to store the mail message information in the work queue.

After adding mail messages to work queue. retrieve the work queue one by one and see if you are able to get the mail message related information. thanks.


Hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1
After adding queue items how to use the queues in get transcation data.

I added the queue items but based on the reference no I need to compare with the outlook email and extract the table from the email and perform some updation in an application

How can I do it could you help me with this?

I have tried this approach and it worked.

  1. Add message ID of the mail to transaction item of the queue in the dispatcher process.

Message ID = <Mail.Message .headers(“UID”).To string

  1. In performer process, extract the Message ID from the queue.

  2. Use Message ID in Get Mail by ID activity to get the Mail Message which you can use for further processing like Reply to Outlook Mail Activity.

Please mark it as solution if this helps. Cheers