Add Queue Item activity adds an item with In Progress status instead of New to the queue

Hello team,

In For Each Row in Data Table activity I am using an Add Queue Item activity.
In my in_dt_TransactionData variable I have 64 items. 63 are added to the queue correctly with New status, but one, the first row in the in_dt_TransactionData datatable, is added with In Progress status.

Any ideas why it is so?

Any ideas appreciated :slight_smile:

Well… to repeat the same action all over again and expect different results… well we all know the saying. 16 add queue items should yield 16 new queue items. Period.

What I would do in your case is to be sure to validate that the workflow does not proceed further and performing a get transaction item activity somewhere later on, picking up the 1st new item and setting it in progress.

So advice: lookup get transaction item activity in the activities panel and right click to find all references.

Secondly, if the above would not point to a solution I’d put a decent amount of breakpoints in my workflow, especially in and around the add q-item activity, to monitor step by step what’s going on during that loop.

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Hi Jeroen, thanks for replying.

You are obviously right, the Get Transaction activity in my REFramework linear process was not configured correctly. Thanks for drawing my attention to it.

Issue solved.

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