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Could anyone explain about add log field activity.Please don’t direct me to the activities guide.



Log field basically allows you to write whatever you want into the UiPath Robot Log (pretty sure this is in a text file and also in Windows Event Logs and if you have an Orchestrator it is rolled up to there also).

When you drop it in you set a level that the log entry is. When you connect a robot to an orchestrator, you choose what level the robot pushes up to the orchestrator.

Using is quite easy. It takes a string, so you can just use " " to put some text in.

Anything specific confusing you?

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I think his looking for “Add Log Field” Activity.
You have explained about “Log Message” Activity.
oops… :slight_smile:

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Oops! Well I haven’t used that, so maybe I’ll learn something when it gets explained :slight_smile:

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Any help we may get here?


I use it to add extra fields to the exisiting logs, which will Suffix to the existing log pattern.

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Can you provide one demo project for this. i have tried , its not taking the arguments which i declared.

would you please provide example.

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July 10

would you please provide example.

logsSample.xaml (5.27 KB)


thanks, i got it how it works :slight_smile:

ok got it.

Hi All
Did not find a better thread than this to post my question. So, After We add fields to the log message. We can see the fields in the log but when I export it to csv, i can not find those fields. Is there anything we should do to get those fields in CSV?