Custom Log Fields Creation In Log file

I just want to create “Custom Log Fields” as like “Environment_Name” in the default log file created by UIpath whenever we run a project.

I already edited the “web.config” file of Orchestrator and added the “Environment_Name” column and also checked out the “Nlog.xml” file(installed in-“C:\Program Files (x86)”) but nothing helped.

“Add Log Fields” activity is not giving any solution in this problem.

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i hope ADD LOG FIELDS would work here especially when we are trying to add log field to the log of each step
may i know what was the issue we were facing with add log fields
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My issue is "in the Orchestrator, i want to add custom log field( a column lets say “Environment_Name”) in the csv file generated by Robot log (when we click on the Export button of Robot module),so I want to add custom log field in the csv file (log file of robot) as like (Environment Name) in which the robot is deployed.

so that whenever i click on that Robot - Export button the Downloaded csv file contains the “Environment_Name” as column in it and the value of the environment in which the robot is deployed.


Same issue here. The log gets added, but I am not able to add that as a column in Orchestrator Logs pages, and the export of logs doesnt contain the new log fields added. Not able to add filters based on the log fields either. Only way for me to check the new field is if I open individual logs, which doesnt help much.

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Please help on this topic.

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The Add Log Field only adds to the Execution Logs. You should find the added field there, which by default (and set in the NLog.config file) is located in your user’s appdata folder for each robot’s user.

This new field will not be shown in Orchestrator, and I am not sure how you would add a field there.

The benefit of adding the log field is so when you bring in the analytics from the sql database where the execution logs are being sent to, you can filter by that new field.

I hope that answers your question.


Thanks @ClaytonM

can you please tell me how execution logs are sent to the sql database and how can i access my logs in the sql database so that i can apply filter there and then fetched out the desired information which I want?

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