Add log fields for all log-statements in ReFramework

Hi, I need some help with the Add Log Fields for ReFramework.

In my company we are using Kibana, and there is a requirement that all log-statements should contain a specific set of extra log fields: app and system. How do I use Add Log Fields in ReFramework so that all log statements contain these extra fields?

I have put my Add Log Fields activity at the top in the InitAllApplications workflow-file, and I was under the impression that doing that all subsequent log-statements would contain my extra log fields. But that does not seem to be the case unfortunately.

So my question: Where in ReFramework should I place my Add Log Fields activity containing my extra log fields? First in InitAllApplications.xaml? The Init-state in Main.xaml? Or do I have to put the activity in All xaml-files in ReFramework?

Thank you for all answers.

Based on mye testing the scope of log change introduced by the “Add Log Fields” activity is current wf and all child wf (i.e. wf invoked from current wf).
So you should put “Add Log Fields” activity in topmost workflow, Main.xaml.

This is indeed an unfortunate behavior that prevents concentrating all init code into one place :frowning:


Additionally, any log change made in child wf does not propagate back to calling wf.

Hey You able get it added well ? if yes would you please find sharing the REFRAMWORK with KIBANA ADD LOG FIELDS please

Ah I see. Thank you for the reply JOska!