Add insert directory in type into

Hi I just need to create folders in type into with name of current year, current month,current date I achieve this by create directory.But I need to create this folder when I am saving pdf file. and this file I am saving in type into as mention in attachment.If I am typing direct in type into like "C/“now.tostring(“yyyy”)+”"+now.tostring(“MM”) like this the error I am getting path does not I can I create this folder. please help thanks in advance

Hi @Aditya10989

To avoid the problem of path does not exist you can add an assign activity, where you assign a string let’s name it: folderDate and then you use it for the folder creation

"C:\"+ folderDate

and when you want to save the pdf inside it

"C:\"+ folderDate + "nameOfPdf.pdf"

Hope I’ve well understood your question.


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