Add HTML in Table


I wanted to create a html table with a Row. The Row should have 3 Columns.

Approved | empty Column | Rejected

Also I wanted add hyperlink to Approved and Rejected keyword so if anyone click on it then it will open new email in outlook.

Any help ?



can you give some details on your requirement?

are you sending this in a email? what was your next step to do with that Table?


Initially I have to create a table with mentioned column in one row. This table need to attached in outlook email body.

For the Approved and Rejected keywords, a hyperlink needs to attached so than anyone can click on it and do the further steps.


You can try below html code and make sure in Send Outlook Message activity in Properties IsBodyHtml to checked

Mark as solution if this helps


I have added the same in send email activity.


it is giving error saying end of expression expected…can u please check


Make the code in single line also check the double quotes

Hope this helps


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