Add Headers not Working


I’m trying to compare if there are duplicate values between two excel files. One file is for the masterdata (dt1) then the other is for the new data (dt2).

I used read range activities for dt1 and dt2. Then another read range for dt3 (copy of dt2) where I will put the new data with no duplicate in masterdata. After that I put the Clear Data Table (dt3) to retain the header.

But after doing everything above, my end result only includes the data with no duplicate values. The header was not captured.

AddHeader is checked in all my read range activities. So I’m not sure what went wrong.

Hi ,

You can try below line which copies only headers first and then do the remaining copy activities

dt3 = dt2.clone


Thanks for your response. I already found the solution. It turns out that I forgot to check the AddHeaders in my Write Range activity. :sweat_smile:

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