Add column name for newly added column in excel

I need to give column name for a column that I recently added to excel sheet ? Any guidance ?

to rename directly in excel sheet, you can use write cell activity

To rename column name in a datatable, you can use
Dt.Columns(0).ColumnName = “newColumnName”
Where 0 is the index of the column to be renamed.



While adding new column to datatable itself you can provide name…


Thanks Farhan

thanks @Divyashreem

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How do you do that?

To create a new column we will be using add data column whre you can mention the name as @Divyashreem mentioned in the column name property like this


So this is added inside the excel application scope activity?
Sorry I am new to rpa.

Not necessary to be in excel application scope buddy

Alright! Thanks.