How to add. New column in datatable and write a name


I have data table named as DT. I want to add a name in the last column of the datatable and need to write a specific name as per DT rows. For an example if DT rows has 100 row i need to write a name as “Excel” 100 times in last column of the DT table.

You can use the build datatable or add data column activity.

For add a column to an existing datatable you need to use the activity “Add Data Column” :slight_smile:

I tried this method it is not working

Thank you. How can i insert a name as per row count. In the added column.

Use inside for each row one assign activity, and assign the row index of the added column(ex: row(0)) or use the column name(ex: row(“Type”)) and put the name you want.

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I got your point but I would like to know how you want that to be in excel file
Can I have a sample if possible with a image or screenshot
Cheers @jais1609