Add column and Append Rows without header

Hi guys,

I’m trying to append rows from a previous dt.
The question is:
→ After I read the excel to create DT and add a new column on position A and fill it.
→ After that I will need to append the new DT at a template excel without headers.

Any suggestions??


When you say append I imagine you mean that your template already has a Row with the headers and you just want to start writing under, right? Write Range has an option to write without headers. Isn’t that working for you?

I believe that when you use the Append Range activity, it appends the datatable in excel without headers. Have you tried that?

Hi @Luis_Clara

Provide some screenshots of the excel that you re doing?


Use ADD DATA ROW activity and looping with Previous dt.

you can use append range activity

it will write data without headers and it will write data under previous data

no need to do anything else

So this is the excel where I need to add my rows form previous dt.
I need to fill from Column A until F because I have some formulas on the other columns.
The problem now, it’s when I use append range, just start paste after line 16000 :frowning:

Meanwhile I already got it using a different approach to the problem…
Thanks for the suggestions guys!