Add Headers To Append Range in Second Sheet (Excel)

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I have an requirement where I need to add headers to second sheet of excel . I am using append range but I am getting the data without headers. I want to add the headers in the second sheet similar to sheet 1
QA_AutomationOutputFile_02-Nov-2023.xlsx (8.0 KB)
of excel while using the append range activity.

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Append range will not add headers…you need to use a write range or a prebuilt template to populate the headers


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You can use the Write Range activity to write the headers to the second sheet.

Hi, you use append range and if you want to add headers in it then you have to uncheck add headers options while read range activity and then this range use to write in append range it will get headers also

use dt.clone to create a copy of the the datatable with headers only
e.g. dt2 = dt.clone in assign activity

then write dt2 to sheet2. remember to check add headers

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