How to add sequence in Main.xaml project

Hi Team,
I’m new to UiPath. I’m learning UiPath by referring to online tutorials and taking a course from LinkedIn Learning. I have installed UiPath StudioX Community Edition - 2020-4 for learning purposes. However, I’m struggling to add a sequence in the Main pane. I have installed all the mandatory activities from Manage Packages and still unable to find sequence/flowchart in the activities pane. I also researched that Sequence and Flowchart activities get added by default along with Workflow Foundation Activities when installing UiPath. There was no error while installing UiPath still, I’m unable to find Sequence in my activities. Are there any packages that I’m missing or any configuration required to add sequence? Please let me know. Any help would be appreciated.


you don’t need to add by hand the sequence.
just start using the activities from the left panel.

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Hello, by reading your post I tend to incline that you are trying to do the Studio tutorial using StudioX :slight_smile: They are 2 related beasts each one tailored for different type of users with different beasts , Studio is targeted towards RPA developers as opposed to StudioX which focuses mainly on citizens developers.