Add Activity to State in State Machine Short key

I have a simple but annoying problem. I want to add activities into a state in a State Machine from the universal search. What I am doing now is
Ctrl + Shift + T
Search and add my activity
Ctrl + X
to Cut Activity
Navigate back to State
Ctrl + V
This is clearly a hack and I feel like there must be a way to insert an Activity into a state with a short key or two.


Could you please explain your requirement in detail?


Hello @David_J_Ellis

  • Before you add activities directly into a state, add sequence by drag and drop
  • Now, ctrl+shift+T top open the list of activities and double click on the activity you want to insert
  • FYI - Before you actually insert any activity, should select the sequence first. Ref screenshot below


I want to avoid using my touch pad if at all possible and handle it with my keyboard. Drag and drop often has a significant negative impact on my work flow that I am trying to avoid.

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