Add a text field in Action center, that validates the user entry in Unit4

Hi, i am new to UiPath and i am not a dev, so forgive me if the question is too simple.

We have an invoice automation, where the robots read the invoices and if the vendor ID is missing, the invoice is sent to the Action center.

Now we want to ensure that the vendor ID field is populated with a valid entry from the user.
Ideally when the user starts typing a vendor ID in the action center, the system communicates with Unit4 (our CRM), gets data and returns possible results in a dropdown.

If the user types something which doesn’t exist in unit4, the dropdown should be empty, and the user shouldn’t be able to proceed, without typing a valid Vendor ID.

How can we build this?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi @Lilianna_Tsimali ,

I don’t think current version will allow bot to update dropdown at the same time as user types.

Can you set it up this way instead:

  • Robot read invoice and vendor ID is missing
  • Robot retrieves valid list of vendor IDs from Unit4 and save as datatable
  • Robot presents user with a task in Action Center where the dropdown is populated with the datatable containing latest valid list of vendor IDs

Hi Keegan,

sorry for the late reply. I don’t think this would be possible with our current setup unfortunately, but thank you for your answer!