Add a column from excel to another

Is it possible to add a column “A” from Excel1 to a column “B” in the Excel2 ?

thank you

Hi @Siltra,

Yea it’s possible.
Refer this post of @Susana
How to copy the column content in one excel sheet to the other sheet in the same excel

Arivu :slight_smile:

Read both excel sheets by using read range and store it in dt1 and dt2

Extract column A by using this query,
lstA=(From p In dt1.AsEnumerable()
select Convert.ToString(p.Item(“column A”))).ToList()

now run one for each loop for the list
create one interger variable n and set the initial value as 0
Add one assign Activity
then use like this
dt2.Rows(n)(“Column B”)=item
then increment the integer value by 1