Appending new column in existing excel from another excel

how can i append new column in existing excel from another excel ?
Please help

When you say append, do you mean join? For you to add another column to another existing excel( or datatable, you need a common column (ie. PK) to merge(append, join) them.

Existing excel: ExcelA
Another excel: ExcelB

Read the ExcelA. output would be dt_A.
Read the ExcelB. output would be dt_B.
Merge/Join them with common column (Primary Key=PK), retain the only needed column
Write Range to Excel B with the update datatable.

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hey im getting this error
can you help me ?

Hi @Mayur_Pawar

Check the data type of zoom column

It should be unique

Ashwin S

No i don’t want to perform join operation.
let say i have excel 1 and excel 2
every time i received new excel 1 but from that only i want only one column let say XYZ and in second excel i have to append only XYZ columns values only.


In that case you can

  1. just read excel 1.
  2. get the excel 2 used range of that column(xyz).
  3. use write range and pass range dynamically from step 2.
  1. Read excel 1 and excel 2 store them in data tables
  2. Use Add data column activity for the first excel data table and pass the column you want from excel 2. then you can use that data table to write it back @Mayur_Pawar