Adavnced Training Assignment 1 - "If: Value cannot be null.\r\nParameter name: source

I have seen the existing threads but was not able to comprehend. When I am triggering the framework it get stuck at the workitem page and does nothing.

Please find the screenshot of Main file’s variables

and arguments

Screenshot of System1 Extract Work Item Datatable variable

and argument

As the error file is Get Transaction Data. Please find screenshot of the same
Argument screenshot . Nothing in variable section

I also tried to print the value of “in_WIList” in Get transaction Data. Then the out put was like as below

Please help

Hi @Sachin_Hatikankan

Have you bind the WIList to in_WIList in invoke Get Transaction Data?


Thanks for the resposne!
Yes gettransactiondata .

Still stuck with the same error

Hi @Sachin_Hatikankan
There Is issue in a arguments once check it You didn’t binded it properly.
Thanks & Regards

Hello @Sachin_Hatikankan the reason this error occurs is its not getting the value. so my solution would be first run your workflow in debug with slow step (1x) and check the locals pane and check whether all the vaiables and arguments are getting proper value or not this way you’ll find your error

Vicky Das

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