Activity or Tools Problem

Hi all,

i have a problem with tools. For now i’m going to show you to the most important to me one. Which is For each row activity. As you can see under the picture you cannot see the do side.

Version : Studio 2021.10.3 - Community License

Thank you.

Hello @yigit.aybey
You have to choose For each row in DataTable activity

Please refer this image

In this version it does not exist. By the way, i reinstalled UiPath. Maybe i should re-install again.
For now, exist of my for each activities like this;



@yigit.aybey Are you using modern activities?

@yigit.aybey Click Project >Setting icon
disable the Modern Experience option and reload automatically

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Hi @yigit.aybey

Go to project → Setting → Disable the modern experience design



you using modern activities?

Hello @yigit.aybey

it would be better if you can reinstall the uipath studio.
Also try to update the packages available.


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@Gokul_Jayakumar I restart the program and i did your version and i also did change from general settings but it didn’t work.

Yes, i’m going to re-install again.


Yes, but even i disabled, it didn’t change.

install the package that uipath.system.activities then you can see

managepackage>all package>uipath.system.activities>install>save

@yigit.aybey Chech your package details

If there is an older version, update and save it.
and also try uninstall and reinstall the packages

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I uninstall and installed again but it did not work either.(Re-installed all packages)


dont use preview versions use stable one

did you created new project?

create new project and check

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I created new project and it worked. but now i’m going to transport my project to new one i guess, right?

thank you by the way

yeah go ahead you can transfer.


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