Activity/Command to click on mouse position and completely ignore elements/selectors

I am looking for an activity or function/expression that just lets me tell UIPath to click X,Y coordinates on screen, not depending on images/text/elements of a web page. The reason is that there is an element on a webpage that UIPath can’t detect no matter what I do, and I just want to tell it to simply click that position without a selector indicating the element. This would work since the position of this element never changes.

Recording screen or adding the “Element click/Image click/Ocr text click/Text click” didn’t help.

Use CLick Activity you can set cooridnates for click in properties>Options>Cursor Position

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Found it. The solution was to press F3 to “Select region” instead of simply click to indicate element. Clicking after pressing F3 will ignore elements and just click at mouse position


Hi AkisM,

Its still not working for me even I have used F3 function.

Is there any way you have found using Cursor Position Offset X and Offset Y

Please help me on it?


Hi @neonova,

How to get the values for X and Y in the cursor position property?

Thank you for your kind help in advance.


this might help…

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