How to click on specific part of an application without worrying about UI element

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I have an automation task, where I need to be clicking inside of Outlook 2019. However, when using Click activity it only works once because the Click activity is looking for the UI element to click on.

My question is, is there an activity or a way to configure Click so it clicks on a sepcific (x,y) coordinate on Outlook without needen to worry about the UI element? I heard that you could configure Click activity in Options and give it specific coordinates to click on, however, that does not show up on my UiPath Studio

Here are some similar threads to mine, but outdated so I can’t use them. The core idea in these threads are the same as mine. Wanting to click on a specific location without having to worry about the UI element.

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What are you trying to do here, bring Outlook to the front or something? You can do that with the Activate activity.

Dear @postwick

That is not what I want, sorry. Imagine we have opened Outlook, now, inside Outlook I want to click on a meeting, however, you have to double click the meeting to open it up. I want to open a meeting up, delete it and repeat until all the meetings have been deleted. I have made everything work besides the clicking part. Once I have used the Click activity it keeps looking for a UI element. Is there a way to just tell UiPath to click on a specific part of Outlook without looking for the UI Element?

Also, using the Image Region Selection does not work since it still only looks for the UI element to click on.

Hope this answers your question.

If I understand your question correctly, you can use a Click Image activity, in the Properties expand Options, expand Cursor Position
There you can input X and Y coords


Dear @michael.zura

I don’t have the Click Image activity. Is that an external packgae downloaded from somewhere?

Then you don’t have your selector correct. If you’re trying to click a meeting, that meeting will have a specific selector.

You’re probably on modern and image click is built into the Click activity, but image click isn’t going to help you.

Dear @postwick

That is the problem. I don’t want to have to specify a selector.

I will try one more time to ellaborate my question. I just need my process to click somewhere, don’t care if there is an UI element or not. Even if it is a blank site just click on a specific part of that blank site.

Why not? This is how UiPath works.

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Are you using Classic or Modern? It is in Classic activities.
Classic/UI Automation/Image/Mouse/Click Image

Hello again, I just added more information to my message, you seem to be too fast for my fingers :slight_smile:

There can’t not be a UI Element. If you can click it, it’s a UI Element. I think you’re not understanding that literally everything on your screen is a UI Element, it’s the foundation of how Windows works.

You can designate the Outlook window itself as the UI Element to click, if you want. But I still don’t get the point. If you’re trying to click a specific thing within Outlook like a meeting, email, tab, menu, etc all those things are UI Elements.

Hmmm, not quite. Your window consist of a bunch of pixels where you can specify specific UI element if you choose so. Your whole window is actually a GUI, not an element. As an example, in Python and Java they have integrated GUI’s where you can click without having to specify UI elements. Would be nice if UiPath would offer the same :frowning:

Okay, forget if it is specific, I just want the process to click without having to look if what it is clicking is a elligible UI element

Dear @michael.zura

Can you perhaps guide me to see where I can find out if I am using “Classic” or “Modern”?


Dear @michael.zura

Thank you, I found it now. I will try to implement your suggestion and see if it works!

Dear @michael.zura

Your solution works perfect. I treat the whole Outlook application as an image which allows me to click anywhere without having to worry about if there is an UI element or not. Thank you so much.

Have a great day to both you and @postwick for helping me out!

No, your MONITOR consists of a bunch of pixels. The things on your screen are all UI Elements.

I guess if you don’t want to explain what you’re trying to accomplish, so that I can help you with the best way to do it, then good luck to you.