Activities in Studio

Fine I hope you are trying to download from manage packages
Inside which under all packages you can find that package


HI @venkateshcheeni09
Enter the correct packages name and click the correct packages to install once again

But i cant able to download and i am getting this error.

I mean you are using same step to install or different one

same step

Whether it is important certification to complete?

I am getting same error continously.

HI @venkateshcheeni09
I think you selected the wrong packages make sure your packages name

You said you are installing balateva excel activity if so search like this in all packages and install

If you are looking for orchestrator api activity it is installed by default
Search as orchestrator in activity panel
You can see the orchestrator api activities

If you are looking http request activity search as UiPath.Webapi in manage packages

Cheers @venkateshcheeni09

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Hi @venkateshcheeni09
Before you are selected wrongly i think thats only you got error

same error you try to install the uipath.activities.api


Hi Friends,

**1)May i know differene between get text and Set text activity?
2)Difference between find element and element exists?
3)when i shoud use computer vision activities in UiPath?
4)What is the use of sholud stop activity in UiPath?

Venkatesh Cheeni

Most of these are either in the UiPath academy trainings, or easily found out by just using them and trying them out.


  1. Get text reads a text value from a UI element, Set text writes a value into a UI element
  2. Find element searches a UI element and returns the element as an object for later usage. It throws an application error if the element is not found. Element exists also tries to find the element, but simply returns true/false based on the existence of that element. It does not throw an application exception if it does not exist.
  3. CV activities are UiPaths ‘visual’ activities (supported by an AI engine and OCR in UiPath). So it interprets images to recognise fields, buttons, labels etc. Compared to the regular controls it is slower an potentially less accurate. In my book CV is used when all other interaction options fail.
  4. Should stop is used in a mechanism where you run your script from the orchestrator. Pressing ‘stop’ in your orchestrator when a job is running populates a global variable which is handled my shou;d stop. It allows you to intervene cleanly in a running script, for example if too many successive errors occor processing a large queue.

Hope this helps, and please take another look at the UiPath Academy, a lot of this is covered there.

Set text: In a simple way definition You have to set the text. Types the specified text into a target UI element.
Get text: same way you have to getting the text (or) Extracts and copies the text from a UI element.

Points to remember: when you mouse over the particular activities its shows the definitions for each activities

Element Exists: If it is visible or not. It gives the result in boolean true or false.
(or) Enables you to verify if a UI element exists, even if it is not visible.
Find Element: Waits for the specified UI element to appear on the screen (to be in the foreground)
and returns it as a UiElement variable.

Computer Vision
1.It enables all UiPath robots to see every element of an interface. You can easily build a vision-based automation
that will run on most virtual desktop interface (VDI) environments—regardless of framework or operating system.​
If you want more details about it below thread will be helps you.

should stop:
1.It stop or close the process and also close the application and exit the process with safe manner.
2.It prevents sudden interruption in an ongoing process.


@AMALRAJ , @Jeroen_van_Loon
Thanks for both of you.

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