Where's data scraping?

I was install Uipath Studio from Cloud in my new PC and find out some update in header of studio like piture below

Same version in my laptop:

So is it new version of packet or may i install wrong version ? Because in studio in my PC it doesn’t have some basic activities like attach window, element exist,… if I have to copy activities from my laptop to PC if i want to use it.

there are two movements

  • movement to modern design

just configure the activity filter or change project type to not modern design (project.json)

or show classic

*movement to renamings on functions / activities

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Table Extraction is the one you can use as DataScraping

Hope this may help you


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yeah, i’m usually use classic activities so it’s hard to use this one
By the way thanks for your help

Thank Peter, it’s ok for me now.

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