Activities are very slow and makes process not work correctly

I have a very strange problem.

I have a bunch of sequences some are reused.

The strange thing is when i let the default “Timeout”(30000ms) on a activity that part takes a long time to process, it does not cast an error even when 30000ms has passed. It is like its not an timeout but “wait for ready” argument.

But the really strange thing is when i manually set a timeout value, lets say 2000ms then the activities wait for the 2 second mark and then move on.

Are my activites bugged or something?

No one has had problems with activities that started to act strange?

I had that issue for a website on IE but worked fine on Chrome. Try changing WaitForReady to Interactive or None and see if it helps in any way.

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Hi @atomic
Did this help or was there something else you had to do?

The particular website needed to be reloaded at a certain step to make it work properly again.