Activation issue triggered by Device ID change

Installer(.exe or .msi): exe

License type(Free, Trial/License code): Free

Studio/Robot version: 2019.5.0 - 5/21/2019 Community Edition

Current behavior: Device ID change and activation issue window after network change



I decide to create new topic as I didn’t find solution on our forum.
I’m new user
This is about Device ID which change when I change network environment. ( like Home network – > Company Network )
Once I changed network environment my device id change as well and this trigger a new activation issue window. Also I can’t use Studio via remote connection to company network ( there is an activation issue window ).
License works until i do not change network, once i changed i have to reinstall aplication, renew license etc…

Please suggest…


Again fill form for renewing community license and try to activate it again…hope it will work

License RENEW ( with new device ) for some reason dosn’t update ID Device ? i tested this option as well not help for this case. All is fine until i keep same network. Once network changed for example from LAN on Wifi Divice ID is changed as well and this trigger again activation issue.

works on [ lan ] ID sygSo5pvhxuJx………….== [ then issue [ wifi ] ID M2AnA0Jent……………== then on [wifi 2] then on ID M2AnA0jENT…………….== [ wifi 2 ] then on [ wifi - proxy ] ID vkJfxTrxk0Gav………………== then finnaly back on [ lan ] [ lan ] sygSo5pvhxuJx………….== ( again works ) .

so actualy I’m looking for place in Studio wher i can update Device ID as i need much with Licence.
also not sure why RENEW license dasn’t work.