Activation Failed with error: 1050. Activation failed due to invalid license format. Couldn't validate Signature

I have requested trial license for Studio - Enterprise Edition. Installed Studio in my machine. While activating I chose manual activation as my system(where studio has to be installed) doesn’t have access to Internet.
I have provided the trial code & selected manual licensing & clicked continue.
A license key was generated which I copied to a notepad.txt & sent to another PC with internet access to generate license file.
In the PC with internet access, opened activation url, uploaded notepad.txt from mail and generated license file.
generated license file was downloaded & mailed back to system w/o internet access. Copied the entire license text to Step3 & clicked Continue.
But the last few characters of text in license text is not getting pasted into Step3 due to some character limitation. Hence showing below error:

inside generated license file:
highlighted are missing characters when pasting in Step3 of manual activation process. cannot type any characters beyond this point.

Need to activate Studio as soon as possible, please help…!!!

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@ovi @loginerror

Could you please help @Snigdha_S to resolve this issue.

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Hi @Snigdha_S

This is a bug unfortunately, there is a limit of characters in Studio. As a quick workaround, can you try using LicenseTool and activate via command line? LicenseTool Command Descriptions



Thankyou… I tried above & it worked.



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