Action Center + Storage Bucket?

Hi, I have designed the bot to pick the document path from the uipath queue to process validation in Action Center.

I have a question about the Storage bucket. Is all processing document will be stored in a storage bucket?

Can’t we work action center validation without the document stored in the storage bucket?

Any idea?

Hi there, the purpose of action center storage bucket is to hold document details and metadata for documents kicked to action center. You can delete files over time if you don’t need to, but this is the standard architecture of action center.

Hi @SrenivasanKanna

It is not possible to work with the Action Center validation without using a storage bucket to store the documents. The storage bucket is an integral part of the Action Center workflow, and it is used to manage the documents that are being processed by the Automation.

However, you can configure the storage bucket to use a different storage provider, such as Azure Blob Storage or Amazon S3. This will allow you to store the documents in a different location or cloud storage provider. You can find instructions for configuring the storage bucket in the UiPath documentation.


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