License Allocation for Business Users

Which license in the UiPath Enterprise license package offers access to Action Center?

Attended Users license is the only one that I can see has access.

I want to give access to Action Center without giving up an Attended Users license.

Hi @Samuel_Trahan1

Enterprise edition has access to action center and you can add the users and give access to them to use the action center. The number of attended and unattended robots is based on the type of license in enterprise edition.

Note - Community edition also has access to action center as well…

Hope it helps!!

@mkankatala this was very helpful, but I would like to elaborate on this a bit more.

If we have users in our system that are just business users, and they need to have access to get into Action Center and validate some information for an automation.

The only license currently that has the action center access is Attended Users. We only have 2 attended users licenses and I would like to not use them up on business users in case we need them.

How would you handle this license allocation?