Action Center without orchestrator

My company is interested in Action Center, but we do not have an orchestrator.

Can i use action center without an orchestrator?

Hi @stefB

The purpose of Action Center is to assign task to human users, which is enabled by sending them UiPath-oriented tasks that will inform the robot on further process (i.e. putting a human in the loop so that the automation can go on further)
What is your expectation out of using Action Center without going for an orchestrator?

My expectation of Action Center is using humans in the loop for long running workflows. I was told that I might be able to use action center without orchestrator.

I don’t have an Orchestrator. I am interested in the Action Center. Do i need an Orchestrator for the Action Center?

As I understand it (but I don’t deal with the licensing in our company), the Orchestrator itself is not a licensed product, only the actual products are (robots, studios, Insights etc). So why not have a (cloud) Orchestrator?
Or maybe you can describe your setup a little more?

Have you tried a community instance of
The Action Center is available as a separate section (outside Orchestrator).

Try it for yourself and then make a decision.

Do you mean the (cloud) orchestrator is available for everybody without paying?

Yes. Welcome to UiPath :slight_smile:

On a serious note, yes, you can set up a free cloud instance, a free orchestrator and also a few other cool features under the Community License.

I don’t believe that you pay for Orchestrator itself. You pay for the robots and products that you… well… orchestrate. :slight_smile:


To your original questions, here is a document that suggests the Action Center requires Orchestrator to function.

I recommend you get in touch with the UiPath sales rep that you’ve been talking to (or get in touch with one from the company website). They will have the best answer.

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