Action Center Document skip Concept


I am learning about Action center, which is human and robot collaboration. I have got a query regarding this topic, is there any chance like in this flow, if particular document/invoice is read properly by BOT with above some % of accuracy then it wont send the document for human review to task center?
or regardless of accuracy percentage it will send records to action center?

I am trying to find whether this feature is available in this thing or not. Please let me know if i missed anything.


hi @ynerella,

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Yup you got it right… If the % of accuracy is high then you an put a condition in which the bot automatically not send the same to action center…

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Thank you so much Shubham for quick reply and confirmation.
Can i get little bit more idea on how to get that confidence %. As i can’t see the confidence % as output for any activity, so how can i put it as a condition to check.
Please let me know if i missed anything.