Action center based on extraction confidence


How do you only send certain fields of the output to the action center based on it’s confidence level?


Hi @Vicky_Fegan1

You can use “Form Action” to send only certain fields of the output to Action Center

Please find the link below on Form Action


I need the form to come up along side it the way it normally does when it goes to the action center

Hi @Vicky_Fegan1

Can you please elaborate on your requirement.

I am extracting information on invoices. These fields are invoice date, invoice no, supplier address, supplier no, vat total and invoice total. If any of these fields have a confidence level greater than 70% then I don’t want the field to passed through to the action center. But if any field is less than 70% then I want it to go to the action center and allow the user to indicate it.

Hope that makes sense!


Hi @Vicky_Fegan1

Sorry for delay in response.

When you use “Document Validation Action”, it pushes the entire document to the Action Center , as a result all the fields will be populated. There is no partial sending of fields to Action Center.

If you use “Form Task” , you can create a template (form) containing all the fields , and populate the extracted data in those fields if the confidence is more than 70% and keep other fields empty when the confidence is less, this will allow only with the empty fields the use has to fill in.

@Vicky_Fegan1 you cannot send only specific fields to the Action Center based on its confidence. Instead, if the overall confidence is less than 70% as you mentioned then the invoice can route to Action Center for human validation using an activity Create Document validation Action

Also, you can assign the actions to a specific user who have access to the Orchestrator. Please go through the below blog to find more details

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