I do not have Acrobat Reader at my machine and I am using Open Office from cloud. But when I am scraping data from PDF getting below error

It seems required Acrobat Reader. Is there any alternate available because I do not installed acrobat reader. Any idea please help me out. For more information please refer below screen shot.

Hi @satkumar
we can use Read pdf activity or Read pdf OCR activity
to get this activity go to
design tab -> manage packages -> in official tab -> UiPath.PDF.Activities
we dont need to have acrobat reader to be installed for this buddy
Cheers @satkumar

@Palaniyappan first of all thank you for your attention on my problem. I have done whatever you suggest but now error is not coming but data also not scraping. It seems hang the process. Infect I am not able to Stop the Execution of Robot.

Still getting same error.